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Sunrocks Amsterdam

Buy sunrocks Amsterdam because it can always be better, more special, and way stronger! A sunrocks is the same as a moonrock, but only first-class products are used. Sunrocks Amsterdam are high-quality moonrocks. Usually, they are also stronger in effect, but that is not necessary. The experience is different because you know that you are dealing with the best of the best. A sun rock is made just like a moonrock, by covering a top with concentrate and then sprinkling it with Kief. Buy sunrock weed in the UK.

sunrocks amsterdam

The sun rocks from Apollo from California are very popular. OG Kush is usually used for the buds. And those are dipped in a high-quality cannabis concentrate, and after that, it is finished with a thick layer of Kief. How strong they are? Don’t freak out. Better sit down for a moment. Are you ready for it? These spacy rocks have THC percentages of 60 to 80%. Yes, you understood correctly: 80%. That is astronomically high and way too much for the average stoner.

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