Lemon Haze

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Parents: Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze
Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Taste: Citrus / Sweet / Skunk
Effect: Euphoric / Energetic / Uplifting
Flowering time: 9 – 10 Weeks

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Lemon Haze

A Sativa marijuana strain that smells and tastes like fresh peeled lemon slices. Also, Lemon Haze is made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it a yellow tint.

Flowers of Lemon Haze impress with a distinct shape and texture.

These buds are medium to large in size and adhere in roughly spherical chunks. Although the leaves are densely packed. They have a somewhat ragged and fluffy appearance. So, these fluffy leaves are a mossy shade of green and are threaded through with vibrant orange pistils. Amber trichomes cover these buds, giving them a slightly yellow glow and accounting for their high psychoactivity.

Lemon Haze cannabis seeds form a welcome addition to the Amsterdam Genetics seeds catalog.

However, in part to the great balanced result of crossbreeding her esteemed parents, Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. So, this hybrid celebrity leans toward the Sativa end of the spectrum (60%). And yet, her indica background (40%) adds to her acclaimed effects. Also, she complements her Sativa dominance with a few uniquely body-oriented indica effects. Clocking in at a neat 19% THC content average. Giving this lemon a good squeeze can be a bit much for inexperienced consumers or the paranoia-prone. However, for those able to handle a bit of pot power, Lemon Haze cannabis seeds carry joyous mood boosts paired with a luxurious, lasting body buzz.

Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Haze feminized cannabis seeds carry a much-appreciated strain. Offering balanced effects that represent the best of their Sativa and Indica heritage. A wonderfully pleasant sour taste matched by a smoothness to the throat makes this a joy to taste. Medical benefits mainly address the pain relief and anti-stress spectrum.

The main attraction of Lemon Haze lies in her intense effects, however. A gradual build-up of a unique mental buzz slowly changes to a deeply felt body chill. With interesting recreational applications for connoisseurs of varied preferences. Definitely cannabis seeds to try at least once for indoor growers. With fine results in most outdoor climes and settings as well.

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Weight 0.224 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 16.5 × 50 cm

Oz(28g), 1/4 Pond (112g), 1/2 Pound (224g), 1 Pound (448g)

3 reviews for Lemon Haze

  1. Gina Cress

    They have something for everyone. The gentleman behind the counter was nice and friendly.

  2. Cyndi ringo

    Has a little bit of everything. The owner is a very nice guy. Has great prices and great stories to tell. Lemon haze is my favorite, gets me where i want.

  3. Tippit

    Interesting products, the strain will give you the best high you wish for, and it is nice how the 3 different shops I visited had their own diverse suppliers and mentioned visiting those other shops.
    Nice to see them stick together like that.
    Enjoyed my time in Weed.

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