Amsterdam weed for sale

Amsterdam weed for sale

Are you looking for a place to buy weed in Amsterdam? The days where you need to visit a physical weed shop are over. We can provide you with the finest weed on the market at THC Specialist! This means that you can easily get your hands on top-quality weed in Amsterdam without having to bother with physical weed shops anymore. You can just order your weed online and have it delivered to you in Amsterdam within a few days with our super-fast delivery.

Why pick us when buying weed in Amsterdam

So why should you order your weed online when living in Amsterdam instead of just visit a regular shop for weed? There are many good reasons to order weed online. Firstly, you will not have to bother with going outside. You are just a few clicks away from having your weed sent to you in Amsterdam! Besides, our shop is always open – you no longer have to worry about what time of day it is. This means less planning for you when you know you have to re-stock your weed.

Secondly, we also have a large offer with additional products to go with your weed, as well as other products you might like. We strive to not only provide our customers with quality weed but also a great selection of other products that you might enjoy as well. Our offer is bigger than many physical shops in Amsterdam, meaning that you can get everything you need and more from us!

Thirdly, we guarantee that our weed is top quality. Our reviews speak for themselves! We do everything in our power to ensure that our weed is of the highest possible quality, and it makes us thrilled to see that our customers are happy with the weed. Our weed undergoes extensive testing before we put it out for sale so that you can be sure that the weed that you receive is among the finest type on the market. Our goal is to make sure that you receive weed that you are completely satisfied with.

Last but not least, we provide customer services that are ready to help you with anything you might have on your mind regarding the weed. This means that you can easily get in touch and receive the help that you need when ordering from Amsterdam. Simply send us a message in our chat function at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How it works when shipping weed in Amsterdam

A lot of people shy away from ordering weed online, especially when living in a city like Amsterdam where you easily could go outside to buy weed. A lot of people have the impression that ordering online is a bad alternative because of the shipping. This is why we are happy to tell you that we provide fast delivery, meaning that you will have your products within 2 working days. This is significantly faster than before and means that you will only have to wait for a short period of time before you receive and can enjoy your fresh new weed.

Order weed online

Ordering weed online from Amsterdam is easier if you think.
Where you used to go to the Coffee Shop for Weed.
Order your favorites Weed in just a few clicks.
All our orders are delivered at home within 1 – 2 business days.



Cannabis (or weed, from the English weed = ‘weeds’) is the Latin name for hemp.
Cannabis is found as a drug in two forms, ‘weed’ and ‘hashish’.
Hashish or hashish is the resin, which can range from almost liquid and oily to very hard.
Another well-known name is marijuana.
These variants are extracted from the flower tops (or rather seed boxes) of this plant, at least – preferably
of the female, unfertilized plant (sinsemilla).



Hashish or hashish is a consciousness-altering agent that can have different effects after and/or during its use.
It can be “stoned” or “high” (one feels less inhibited and the senses seem to work more sharply.
it then works mind-expanding and one has a different awareness of the time and things around them).
Some users feel relaxed, this can be done both if one is stoned or high.

Order Safe Weed online from Amsterdam

When you want to order Weed online you want to make sure it is completely safe.
On our webshop you can safely order weed.
Our webshop uses ssl encryption.
SSL encryption ensures that the data is encrypted.
We also host our webshop in an Offshore country.
Offshore means that we have not hosted the website in Europ.
The offshore country does not provide data to the third party.

Order weed online and receive it safely at home

Safe Ordering Weed is
We vacuum all our products to prevent stench.
In addition, we send everything in blank envelopes.
Also, we don’t post texts with weed or hashish anywhere on the Envelope.

Weed deals

Our webshop always has nice offers in the range.
In addition to a standard 5 discount code, we often give away free Joints.
Check out all our offers here.

Safe Weed

When you start using Weed, we recommend that you always consult a doctor first.
When you are healthy in a whole, you can use Weed safely.
It is also advisable to use Weed or Thc prodcuten only if you are not experiencing any mental problems.
If you feel gloomy, Weed can reinforce this.
Do you get a bath trip while using Weed? then we recommend sugar water.

Sugar water against a bath trip

If you want to use Weed for the first time, we recommend that you have sugar water handy.
Sugar water can be easily made.
Grab a glass and throw in 3 sugar cubes.
Let it dissolve with water and ready your bad trip stopper is ready for use.
As soon as you want the stoned feeling to go away.
We recommend that you empty the glass with sugar water in one go.

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