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The commercial activity of the Cannabis Store Amsterdam company was born at the end of December 2016 in order to produce, market and distribute in Italy and Europe for the first time and in absolute exclusivity new and original edible and drinkable products based on high quality industrial hemp as well as cosmetics, clothing, gadgets and souvenirs and also for industrial use, both wholesale and retail, both on their own and through a dense network of franchisees that currently has more than 150 stores in Europa and many others soon to open.

The format of the Cannabis Store Amsterdam brand is characterized by a style where shapes and colors come together to create a young, innovative and captivating environment. In the Cannabis Store Amsterdam stores all drink and food products, from coffee to drinks, from sweet to salty products are pleasantly characterized by the taste of cannabis, they are all totally legal and are always subjected to scrupulous quality controls.

The commercial activity of the Cannabis Store Amsterdam is based on the following essential and inescapable principles:

• respect for legality, ethics based on honesty, professionalism, competence, hard work, humility, democracy and meritocracy;

• total transparency in all aspects of information, operation and conduct of business;

• solidity, agility and even technological development;

• the continuous expansion of the nature and type of products;

• availability, total respect and maximum assistance towards our employees and all our affiliates and customers.

The Cannabis Store Amsterdam brand was created with the desire to achieve the following objectives:

• an excellent and solid commercial reputation;

• to build long-lasting relationships with our esteemed affiliates and customers and provide them with exceptional products and services;

• to make the taste and pleasure of authentic and maximum quality accessible to all;

• to achieve a constant increase and continuous expansion of the company’s activities and investments to support the growth and development of products and services;

• global roots through the use of entrepreneurial and technical-scientific creativity and innovation;

• to become a leading company in the sector.Therefore, since its creation, the company without ever resorting to bank credit has invested large amounts of capital:

• for the identification of well-known and valid professionals of undoubted ability in the legal, commercial, medical, scientific, marketing and training of personnel to whom to entrust the task of directing the relevant company departments;

• for the creation of profitable partnerships with the best international companies of great economic and commercial importance;

• to provide products and services of inimitable quality and professionalism that always exceeded the expectations of our affiliates and customers.

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